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I must say this was a page turner from beginning to end. One of those rare books where life is calling you to do stuff... But you can't stop reading!

It was very thought and emotion provoking. It made me think about not only relationship with God but my relationships with PEOPLE. Not just people I know, but strangers I encounter in passing. I wondered if Michael and Gabriel were walking through the United States right now looking for 5000 righteous... Would I make the cut? Would those around me make it?

I thought about the terrorist acts that have occurred right in our own back yard, and the possibilities of what could happen. I wondered if I hold as much bravery as Samantha to help my fellow human beings in the wake of such a tragedy.

I found myself looking at myself in the shoes of so many different characters... Sarah, Talia, Anthony, Irma, Trey, Jocelyn, Patti, Joey.... I wondered if I could make the sacrifices they made to help others. Does my heart hold that kind of bravery?

This was the first Pam Funke book I have ever read, and it was a pleasure... And most certainly won't be the last! --
Ksherrie Theauthoress

A book that made me think how much I wanted to walk with my Lord.
A book that made me see how evil our World has become. How many peoples free will has run rampant. How I want to see more people turn to Our Lord, believe in him,walk with him. Desire to be Gods light in this darkness. Gods light cant be hidden in darkness it shines through.
Read this book. It will have a profound effect on you.
God bless you --
Chris Granville

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